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Success is a TEAM sport.
The 6 step strategy we use to sell property has created a track recork of success. For several consecutive years every property we marketed sold.
YOUR PROPERTY WILL SELL, if you want it to.
The decision requires good market information and strategy, so call us when its time to make a move.

"PAINT THE SIGN POST IN THE YARD", if that is listed on your yearly home maintenance list, you have a problem. We have heard it said that "If opportunity is not a door." With this in mind we built the door that provides you with the opportunity to sell. Our "6 Step Property Selling System" works. We need to know your selling goals so we can apply our 6 step strategy to your selling goals. Select your selling goals from the multiple choice list below so we can discuss them when we meet. Did you know that in 2007 & 2008 over 30,000 property owners selected "D" as thier goal. That is how many properties were listed in MLS that did not sell during their listing period. Some owners kept changing agents in hopes of finding an agent that could tell them how to find a buyer but used the same marketing strategy and continued to fail at selling.

1) When do you want to sell?
A) Within one week.
B) Within 30 days.
C) Within one year.
D) Never.

2) Do you want offers?
A) Below your asking price.
B) At your asking price.
C) Above your asking price.
D) No offers.

3) What track record do you want the agent you hire to have at selling properties?
A) 100% sold for years.
B) 33% sold (current MLS % sold record).
C) No knowledge of the 6 steps that work.
D) None-never sold a home.

SUCCESS..Go from For Sale to SOLD in 6 easy steps
We developed a 6 Step Property Selling System" that we used to..
1) Sell every home we listed for a number of years. 100% Success
2) Of those homes sampled from our data base that sold within 30 days...
.... the average market time was 16 days.
3) The system worked even when the inventory of homes for sale was high.

You have...
1) Decided to sell your property, not just list it. (your vision is to move)
2) Determined what the sale of the property will do for you and you want to be successful.
3) The knowledge that your success depends on the steps you take.
4) The understanding that you need an agent with a "100% SOLD*" sale record.

We have...
1) Made a commitment to provide you with information you need generate an offer.
2) Checklists for you to use to contribute to your success while reducing stress.
3) Developed a 6 Step Selling System that works when followed.
4) SOLD every property we listed...For Years!

Here is our list of 6 Steps that create offers...
Just fill in the blanks. If you need help solving the selling puzzle, call Jay.
1) O _ _ _ .... _ _ _ _ A.K.A. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
C _ _ _ _ _ _ _
3 ) D _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
4 ) A _ _ _ _ _
5 ) P _ _ _ _
6 ) A _ .... _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

All add up to SOLD!

Thousands of homes listed in MLS in 2006, 2007 and now 2008 expired (did not sell within the listing period) which tells us a simple selling strategy of an ad in the MLS and a sign in the yard saying "COME AND GET IT" may not be what you need to find success selling. Some sellers miss the strategy of success because they do not apply a 6 Step Property Selling System . Since 100% of the properties we listed sold for many years we apply this system to every property we accept to market. This success rate was in both high demand and low demand markets for sellers.

We SOLD our home for $80,000 more than the neighbor
with the same model !
(It was a good market for sellers at the time)

We received a call in July from a homeowner asking us to sell a home in a well cared for subdivision. While doing the market research we discovered the same model we were asked to sell had sold in May. We thought the sale price of this recent sale would probably be used by an appraiser as a representation of Fair Market Value. We discussed the May sale with the seller but also created a selling strategy based on our "6 Step Selling System" to try and improve the property value. The strategy paid off and our clients property sold, after reviewing multiple offers, for $80,000 more than the same model that sold in May and it became the highest sale in the subdivision for this model when it closed escrow. It's hard to believe any property would appreciate $80,000 between May and July so we have to assume the benefits of our "6 Step Selling System" can sometimes be substantial for the home sellers who employ the system. The neighbor probably had no idea how much under market they priced their home! This experience also shows how important it is for an agent to not specialize in one neighborhood but work a large geographical area in order to have a broad understanding of market value trends.

It is evident not all the sellers are identifying the market correctly. Many owners will change agents in hopes that a different sign may improve their luck only to discover that they still may not receive good strategic advise. The statistics are continuing to develop an interesting picture of a market that does not know what steps to take to find success.

In 2006 33,298 home listings showed as expired in the MLS system.
In 2007 44,157 home listings showed as expired in the MLS system.
10,859 unit growth (32.6%) in property sellers who misidentified how to be successful selling.
Some properties may have been counted twice due to multiple attempts to sell by property owners.

Thank you for taking the time to review the above results our clients have experienced with our "6 Step Property Selling System". Call us today if you really want to sell your property.

The Office of Federal Houusing Enterprise Oversight has a House Price Calculator on their website that you can use by clicking the link below. The calculator will calculate the current estimated dollar value of your home using OFHEO's House Price calculator.

Government Evaluation of Property Value

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